Essay On How To Survive On An Island

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You need to learn how to survive on that island. The greatest plan for surviving on an island is you need to find three very important things. The first is fire it keeps you from freezing at night. Second, is shelter you need one because you need to protect yourself from those harsh summer days. Lastly, you need food especially meat like pork and fruit. Nothing like bacon grilled over a nice fire wrapped around a big pineapple. Landing on a deserted island is not a fun time also it’s not easy. There are many components before you start your fire. The most important step is picking the best spot. The spot is very important because it’s where you are going to make your fire. When your on a deserted island then you probably want it to be on a high point of the island or mountain. A mountain is a good place because it’s a high place that people that are in a boat…show more content…
The material is probably the most important because it’s what keeps the fire going for a long period of time. Since your on a deserted island you should hopefully have some trees around or a jungle they call it. That is where you will find your wood. When you have your spot picked out and you have your wood to start the fire. You need something to ignite the flame to the wood. So if you can’t find matches or flint and you have specs or glasses then you can start a nice cozzy fire. When you have a fire on top of a mountain then what's the next thing you should do? The next thing you should do is build a shelter. Building a shelter is very important because it protect you from those harsh summer days on a deserted island. When your on a deserted island you don’t have a lot of materials to work with. First since you have your wood for your fire you can also use it for your shelter. Wood is a good resource for building a resource because it’s big. Also it’s nice and sturdy because you need a sturdy shelter on those windy days on the

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