Essay On How To Tell A Lie

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I think it is okay to tell a lie if it will keep me out of trouble in a given situation. If lying was a job I really think some people would be billionaires. In my opinion, I say in some situations it may be alright to lie. Sometimes telling the truth can make matters worse. A small little white lie won't harm anybody. We all have lied; our parents lie, teachers lie, friends lie, families lie, and people lie on each other. I think it's normal to lie on certain occasions, but not all the time. I believe there is a time and place when you just have told a lie in a given situation. I also believe that sometimes the truth doesn't always set you free and that a lie is a lot easier to tell if it can change a situation for the better. On the other hand, I have a few stories I like to share that I've experienced about lying to get out of trouble.
For instance, I told a lie about a bad grade I received on a test to my mom. I
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Sometimes in which lies are acceptable when you can protect someone, physically or emotionally and when it can save your life from a catastrophe. In a significant situation in which lying is not acceptable is when it will harm others or one's self. Sometimes lying could be a good thing or a bad thing. I wouldn't consider myself a compulsive liar, but I do try my best to tell the truth. I have told a few white lies that have definitely gotten me off the hook. I am not proud of the lies I've told, but I will say they have all taught me a valuable lesson about telling a lie. Being honest is not always the right decision to make because a lie, even a white lie, can sometimes bring better results than the truth would, and in such situations lying would absolutely be acceptable. In my opinion, the truths can be changed and there is no person who says, "I have never told a lie." If he/she says "I have never told a lie," we can understand that he/she is a real
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