Process Essay: How To Walk Two Dogs

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How do you walk two dogs at once?
Dogs need to be taught to walk on leash, if we expect them to walk nicely by our side. Unless both dogs have been trained to walk pretty good on leash individually, walking two dogs at the same time is not always easy. . It is best to work on training each dog in individual sessions before walking them simultaneously Bringing them together on walks can leave you feeling literally pulled in multiple directions and can end up deadly in certain situations.
Step 1: to train a dog to walk nicely beside of you, encourage him to be by your side and reinforce him when he’s in the right spot. In an open area such as a fenced yard. Let your dog know that you have tasty treats and help him earn them every time he walks beside you. You can reduce the frequency of treats in later course.
Step 2: Practice walking and heeling alternatively in short sessions. Relying on your equipment in the interim periods to prevent your dog from pulling. Most dogs require lots of practice before perfecting this skill, and many short sessions are more effective than a single longer one. Shower him with treats every time he is in the right position.
If he is behind you, encourage him to catch up and reinforce him for doing so. If he gets ahead of you, turn around so that he has the opportunity to catch up to you and
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Once both dogs have mastered these behaviors, it’s time to bring them together. Practice the same in a low-distraction area. If one dog is distracted, go back to training and walking them separately. It is also advisable to add the partner dog more gradually by having someone else walk one dog parallel to the dog you are walking but a distance away. Once the dogs individually are successful in their loose leash walking and heeling, they can gradually be brought closer until they are under control with only one person holding both
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