Can Playing Video Games Improve Academic Skills Essay

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Ethan Nguyen Ms. Bowen English G-6 27 February 2018 Can playing video games improve people’s academic qualities and school grades? Throughout the history, gamers are generally thought of as a dumb, anti-social person, but recently researchers have discovered that video games could make you smarter than the average person. One person could say that video games distract from the academic goals and ultimately disrupt a person’s grades for school. On the other hand, one could believe that playing video games could actually improve social behavior, provide technical skills, increase one’s strategic skills, and improve critical thinking skills in everyday situations. Maybe catching Pokemon and shooting zombies could be more beneficial than just a recreational activity for free time. One reason that video games can improve one's academic qualities is that they can make a person more sociable, increase communication abilities, and improve interpersonal skills with others. Video games have been shown to increase one's cooperation with others as well as boost "social skills, good peer relationships, and great achievement in school"(Kara Loo). This is because, in most video games, the players work together to accomplish a goal. This has been proven and…show more content…
In conclusion, there are many ways video games can have positive effects on your academic qualities, school grades, stress, and other important skill sets. This is why gamers shouldn't just be considered a student lacking in school with no friends. Actually if one plays just the right amount of video games they should be able to find themselves with great grades, lots of different skill, and a great method of relaxation. Video games are no longer just a recreational activity, but it could actually help you through the different fields in your

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