Essay On Huge Accomplishments

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Think about a huge accomplishment; getting a good grade on a test, winning a competition, getting acknowledged by a coach, teacher or parents. Now think about what steps it took to attain the main goal? I’m assuming it was earned and rewarded by hard work, not easily given.
I have accomplished many things in my lifetime so far. Some accomplishments were immense and some were small, but I had to take steps and put in effort in order to reach my fullest potential. As a student and an athlete, time management is very significant. I have to balance my school work with cheer practice, which is a very demanding task. Having practice three to four times a week until nine at night, I had to prioritize. My mom had always told me, “School first, sports later.”
I have fallen victim to not putting in time and effort, and my achievement was either not how I wanted the outcome to be, or I didn’t achieve anything at all. As a high school student, I know grades are of high importance because they can shape your future for you. Being aware of this statement, I know I have to take school even more seriously and put in more effort in order to obtain satisfactory grades.
I believe that time and effort are imperative in order to achieve our goals and accomplish what we want. For the past five years I
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I realized that I didn’t put in the extra effort like my other teammates did in order to make the team. I thought that just because I had been on the team before, that I was going to make it again easily. That’s where I went wrong, and I feel that this situation is common for everyone, not just me. Some people get back up to put in more effort, and some people take it how it is. I think that this is a common mistake that people should learn from, because even though I first discovered it in this specific situation, I have learned that it applies to me in so many different ways as
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