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Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human being, human cell, or a human tissue. The history of cloning dates back to the first creation of a clone of a sheep named ‘Dolly’ in 1997 by a Scottish scientist. Dolly was created by a used cloning technique called ‘Somatic cell Nuclear transfer’, which created a genetically twin animal. After the cloning of Dolly, scientists thought that humans could be cloned, as well. The term ‘Human Cloning’ refers to an asexual type of reproduction. Meaning that an embryo is produced not during a male and female natural sexual production, but rather, it is produced in a laboratory, when scientists combine a sperm and an egg together. Cloning works somehow like the natural…show more content…
It is possible, of course, for athletes to tear part of their joints, bones, or have any traumatic injury that would stop them from doing any sport again. Similarly, if someone gets into a devastating car accident and has a lifelong wound. Hopefully, those people could be cured and healed if they clone their own cells, which help in the recovery process easily.
Helps with infertility issues. Surprisingly, cloning could help and give the chance to the married people who have infertility problems to have children who are biologically and genetically related to them. In addition, it would help couples that are at high risk for having a child with a genetic disease to have a healthy child with the parents’ same genes.
Transplanting organs. If a person needs to transplant an organ or tissues, the body might reject it due to the genetic incompatibility and the patient might have to wait for a donor that has the genes that fits him. But, if cloning is used to regrow any internal or external organ, the patient does not have to wait for the perfect organ donors who would suit his genes, rather, the genetic manipulation will help regrow a, identical replacement for the organ and the body will accept

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