The Idea Of Friendship In Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

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The origins of the ideas of human friendship is based off of human natural actions. Humanity comes from the ideas of Ancient philosophers, which thus has contributed to the contemporary ideas of the human. Through the notion of human nature, one must understand that no person can conduct themselves as perfect, since nothing can reach perfection. Philosophy connects humans to push for the understanding to use truth and ideas. Through reality the aspects self knowledge and development in human nature is found through the works of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and Kant’s Lecture on Friendship, when striving for the knowledge of what contributes to friendship. Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, reflects what causes human action, by what they need to fulfill in their lives. In nature, everyone has their own goals of how to see reality. Aristotle defines ethics by everything having a specific nature, and the goal of humans striving for…show more content…
Self development questions how to constitute oneself with another person within a relationship. A friend is a person who is different and has varying self values. Kant believes that the basis of friendship is self disclosure. With openness it is possible to accept a friend and what they offer, thus disclosing oneself results in the possibility of gaining new values and interests. Kant stated, “Friendship is an Idea, because it is not derived from experience. Empirical examples of friendship are extremely defective. It has its seat in the understanding. In ethics, however, it is a very necessary idea” (Kant 211). Friendship is a voluntary act based on mutual self disclosure, with the ability to feeling safe and trust another person enough to disclose everything about yourself to another person. Through self development the natural want to share and gain feedback from a friend is important, therefore these judgments given aids in accepting and developing

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