Human Genetic Modification

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Human genetic modification is the manipulation of genes in human DNA so that defective genes don’t obstruct proper functioning, and so that inherited diseases are not passed on. Those against it may argue that genetic modification is simply unnecessary, immoral, or interferes with nature’s course. However, genetic modification overall is and will continue to be beneficial to the mental and physical health of the entire human species.
Falling under the umbrella of biology, it is sensible to consider the studying of genes as a significant aspect of the biological sciences because it’s learning how to manipulate them in order to progress preventative medicine and create the possibility of a healthier future. One method of genetic modification
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Wouldn’t it make sense to do everything feasible to give the child the best life possible? Wouldn’t it be immoral to deprive a child of the possibility of not having to live with a mental disorder? Genetic disabilities don’t only affect those who have one, but they also impact the people around them to a remarkable degree. For example, many pregnant women will abort their child when they find out that the child has been diagnosed with a mental disorder simply because they wish to exclude themselves from the difficult task of raising a developmentally challenged child. A study done from 2008 to 2012 proved that many pregnant women aborted their unborn child only because it was diagnosed with down syndrome. 64% of all down syndrome cases were diagnosed prenatally, and 53% of those children were aborted. Totaling in 5,215 down syndrome abortions over the course of those four years. In fact, down syndrome is practically extinct in Iceland because of high abortion rates. Moreover, Jean A. Rondal, a writer, researcher, and professor of psycholinguistics and the neuropsychology of language, is developing a treatment plan for children with genetically induced intellectual disorders that combines genetic therapy and neurobehavioral intervention. With research and progress…show more content…
Altering one's DNA may be seen as unnatural. Perhaps they argue that natural selection is the only way. However, the natural selection argument has flaws. In fact, Charles Darwin himself noticed severe imperfections in human nature and noted that its methods are, in fact, quite ineffectual in many ways. Moreover, curing genetic disorders and diseases, like Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, through means of waiting for natural selection would not be as effective as using genetic modification because natural selection follows no plan or design for evolution, so there is no guarantee that anything will ever be cured, and natural selection is a slow, painful, and imprecise process, so why waste time when we can expedite the process with genetic modification and help the people here today. What if we think about genetic modification as the next step in evolution? If we can alter DNA, we can guide the path of
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