Origins Of Human Geography Essay

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Human geography is a product of people’s actions regarding the Earth we live in, society we create and history we’ve made, however, human geography isn’t a one way road in the sense that only us beings affect the area of study. It is the driving force that shapes any given person as an individual. As such, human geography has shaped my life and personality as much as it has anyone else. The origins of my blood, the languages I speak, and the daily routine I follow are all direct results of geography as a force of human nature. Blood Origins As evident from the first glance, I hold vastly different genes as my parents are clearly from different regions of the world. My father is from the United States and my mother, Thailand. Consequently, I am a ‘halfie’ or what I prefer to call us, half-bloods. This is an oversimplification however; my dad is really German. My great grandfather (on my father’s father’s side), migrated from Germany to the US in the 1930’s as he and his family had anticipated the beginning of a new war (WWII). Thus, Germany’s increasing political push factors forced him out and the political and economic pull factors of the US proved to be enticing. This form of migration is an example of chain migration, as a group of people residing in the same region (Germany), move sequentially to the same place (the US).…show more content…
I am no different. Before I was born I had been affected by it with my composition. As a child, everything I learnt and how I conceived thoughts, language, was a product of geography. Up until now, everything I do is an outcome of geography. I suppose that human geography may not be a field of study, but perhaps it is closer force of humanity and life. As such, I believe geography is the most relevant study as, even though we create it, it also creates all of
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