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[Type text] [Type text] [Type text] 1 Human Impact on the Enviroment Human Impacts on the Environment Gary Pace Excelsior College Biology 110 Professor Simmons Our impact as humans on the environment has been drastic, especially for water pollution. Water pollution is the contamination of the water bodies, such as lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwater caused by our activities. Water Pollution can be deadly for organisms and plants that live in these bodies of water. There are several known ways that humans pollute water, such as dumping garbage in or near the bodies of water, and from spilling oil,, to name a few. Improper disposal of waste can and will have a drastic effect on public health. Ship traffic represent…show more content…
Within heavily populated cities, such as those in China, even the smallest of activities could lead to hugely negative effects for the local water bodies. Even with relatively low ecological footprints per capita, the shear volume of citizens could offset that and result in poor environmental outlooks. This is because a large population calls for increases to industry and agriculture, which contribute to water pollution individually (Shao et al., 2006). Industrialization introduces so many chemicals into the waters, and the fertilizer and pesticides used in industrial farming also greatly pollutes water. Such activities have created a reality where toxicants are now mainly absorbed directly from food because of the heavy contamination of water sources, such as lakes and fresh water bodies. If humans do not face the problem at hand, the future might include several shortages of drinking water, a disappearance of recreational water activities, and the decrease of many plant and animal species, maybe even the human

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