Essay On Human Influence On Environment

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Human Influence on the Environment
Air Pollution

Air Pollution is when a poisonous or a harmful substance is released in the air. There are many form of pollution but air is one of them, it only occurs when dust, harmful gases or smoke enters into the atmosphere and makes it hard for species like plants, animals and humans to live in a difficult situation because of the dirty air.Air Pollution is classified in two sections, invisible air pollution and visible air pollution.. Hence any substance that makes it difficult for the living things that need the atmosphere is air pollution.Humans have been undergoing air pollution ever since the industrial revolution.In order to understand the causes of Air pollution, it is divided into divisions.
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Primary air pollutants - primary air pollutants can be caused by primary and secondary sources. Pollutants are a quick result of a process known as primary air pollutants. For example, when sulphur-dioxide is produced by factories. Secondary air pollutants - secondary pollutants are caused by the reactions of the primary air pollutants. Several primary air pollutants are known as secondary air pollutants. There are many causes of air pollutions, and that’s why it one of the major human effects on the environment. This include: Fossil Fuels, Agricultural activities, waste from factories and industries, mining and indoor air pollution.

Fossil fuels
Fossil fuels are one of the major primary pollutants like petroleum, coal and other easy to burn chemicals that are used in factories are major causes of the air pollution. Pollution emitting from vehicles including cars, trucks, jeeps, airplanes and trains cause huge amount of pollution. Although we rely on them for our daily lives they kill our environment with dangerous gases, Carbon Mono-oxide caused by irregular combustion and produced from vehicles and other major pollutant like Nitrogen Oxides, that is produced by both natural and man-built
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