Essay On Human Rights And Liberties In Malaysia

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Introduction Human rights and liberties are popular issues in the modern community. “Human rights” refer to natural rights and freedom of every human beings upon birth until death . Every individual should be treated equally and without discrimination regardless for their sex, nation or religion. The term “liberties” refers to the ability to behave and signify as indicated by one’s personal character . Since human rights and liberties are the central privilege of everyone, they should be well protected under law. This obligations falls on the scope of power of government. The government shall ensure human rights and liberties of every citizen being protected, as well as restricted, under the law of a country. For example, in the Malaysian legal system, human rights and liberties are protected under the Federal Constitution . These “fundamental liberties” are guaranteed under the Constitution in every moment except in certain situations where the Constitution allows it to be removed . “Constitutionalism” is known as a philosophical doctrine which express that the legal actions and authorities of a government should be limited by a body of law or constitution . Constitutionalism contains the theories and ideas that restrains the governmental influence and…show more content…
When ministers or officials make decisions affecting the rights of individuals, they must do so in accordance with the law. The Human Rights Act 1998 was intended to strengthen the rule of law by allowing for non-binding review of decisions made in the context of human rights. The practical application of rule of law is manifested in reality when the judiciary perform its constitutional role of judicial review. Judicial review by a court here is concerned with ensuring that the government and public bodies act within the proper scope of power granted to them by

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