Essay On Human Rights Failure

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Introduction In this article, Eric Poser has elaborated several reasons which made human rights a failure in international legal regime. The most highlighted issues are hypocrite policies of US and EU which has directly questioned credibility and integrity of their law and justice. The second reason is role played by Russia and China, the two major economic powers who in order to sustain their power, are involved in human rights violations. The third most important reason is standardized model of Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is ideal but not practical in various countries. These three major factors of human rights failure are further analyzed below. Hypocrisy of US and EU Eric Poser is of the view that since UN declaration of human rights is mainly based on US policies, it deals with political and social rights of individuals and it is always used as a medium of international relations with…show more content…
Indeed human rights have failed to achieve its goals in many countries around the globe due to economical and political diversities. According to Himalayan Foundation, 20,000 Nepali girls are enslaved. The recent Rohingya refugee crisis and genocide by Burma has questioned human rights defenders. WHO reports say that around 125 million girls and women were victimized of Female Genital Mutilation in 29 countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia. Surprisingly more than 2000 victims of FGM have received treatment at London Hospitals in last three years, reported by Martin Bentham in ‘London Evening Standard’, 2013. Women are victimized; genocide prevails because governments are unable to defend its people from the cultural and economical downfall. In order to provide one right to citizen, developing countries are forced to violate other human rights because the idealized standard set by western world difficult to
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