Essay On Human Settlement

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The Earth has changed, and over the years the course of human events has done a great deal to the environment’s conditions in many ways. Many countries have not been excluded in the changes in Earth, and all suffer a great deal from human settlements. Amid the human events committed, one of them would be human settlement across the Earth. Human settlement has affected our ecosystem in various ways, among those are light pollution, deforestation, and the disruption of animal life. Light pollution is often overlooked by people when observing pollution, but it is as dangerous to the environment as any other form of pollution; light pollution is the excessive artificial brightening of the sky and there are three types of light pollution; glare,…show more content…
Countries that are overpopulated such as Belgium, the people have a greater need for more shelters and more buildings such as hospitals and markets. With the more land needed to build, it’s effectively demolishing many animals’ habitats. Without an area to live, the animals would wander further into the city or move further into areas they are not familiar with, resulting in dying from exposure. Noises from the construction sites cause noise pollution which disturb. The strong sounds from these sites disturb the animals around the area causing them to relocate thus reducing the biodiversity of the area (Notice Nature, 2007). Birds are especially impacted by these noises. Poor construction timing near breeding season cause a disturbance to most birds, causing them to prolong their hatching time. The climate increasing can also cause birds to migrate sooner than usual. Reaching their summer breeding grounds at the wrong time - even by a few days - may cause birds to miss out on maximum availability of vital resources such as food and nesting places (Press Association, 2016). These construction sites also cause pollution of the water with the emission from the machines. They excrete oil and the workers may toss garbage into the water if they are working near the coast or a lake. Marine life and aquatic creatures can choke on the garbage and can drown because of garbage getting caught in their gills. Now in many countries, they are trying to set up conservation sites to protect species that are endangered and most have laws against
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