Essay On Human Sexuality

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Human Sexuality

Diane Dyche
Sociology 21
# 22071

The top three things in my life that have most influence my viewpoints about sex and sexuality are my family, peers, and tv and movies. My family influenced my viewpoints on sex and sexuality because that is usually what I grew up listening to. My family was very open about a person’s sexuality and sex while growing up. They talked about gender roles, sexuality, and even sex. From my peers, being around them, I had seen that people held different values when it came to sex and sexuality. I noticed that when it came to sex, in high school, a lot of my peers were doing it and ended up pregnant. Seeing some of my peers getting pregnant at such an early age had shown me
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“We often approach sexual decisions by determining whether the choices we face are compatible with our moral values” (Rathus, Nevid, Fichner-Rathus page 4). Most of the people that I know believe that sexual intercourse is something that happens when you are in love. I have never believed that it should only happen within a marriage. I believe that it should happen with someone you love because not everyone wants to get married or believe in marriage. In psychology today, author, Barbara Ray says “Marriage--one of society's fundamental institutions--has changed radically in a very short time. Many more are not marrying at all but are living together or remaining single.” More people have decided that cohabitation is better for them, that marriage is just a piece a paper. Even though a person can be in love, I think that teenagers should wait until they are a little bit older. The problem with most teenagers is that they think that they are falling in love with everyone that they are with. Now these days, teenagers are saying “I love you” after only being together for a day, sometimes less. Teenagers should not even think about sexual intercourse until they are ready to have a baby because that could happen even with the first

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