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Stress can be nearly found everywhere. It can make the heard and blood pressure rise; breathing can become more rapid; muscle usually become tense; which are all part of being human(“What is Stress”, par. 1). It simply cannot be avoided and the majority of people face it every day. The causes and stages of stress diverge from one individual to another. No one is free from stress, regardless of their socio-economic status, intelligence and physical/mental strength. Every person will be confronted time to time with changes, frustrations, conflicts, and losses which eventually contribute to stress. In order to understand stress in humans at least three points of view exist; in regards to whether stress is genetically transmitted or acquired…show more content…
As this second viewpoint tells us, living in an overloaded environment, enclosed by words, sounds, people and thousands other little details are a step further to daily life stress. According to Evans, in order to understand the affiliation between human behavior and environment is investigating further environmental conditions humans pass by (Evans, par.3). Stress is a system of responding to demands of harm and threat which may be caused by environmental conditions. Everday moods are very related to biological variables such as health, daily cycles, exercise, sleep and nutrition- without forgetting described variables of stress and cognition. A personal set of attitudes and principles are responsible for perception of stress (Evans, par.5). Daily manifestations in human organisms, lead to the body’s reaction to change which necessitates adjustment. Organisms altered to certain environments; still, the environment in which an organism finds itself is rarely static, and might show day by day and occasional variances (Procko, par.1). Without the benefit of an air-conditioned at home or a full refrigerator, the majority of organisms must sense environmental changes and respond accordingly to optimize metabolism and growth. Therefore, while breathing contaminated air in traffic, at work human’s immune, respiratory and other body systems toil at reducing those particual events harming their health and diminish their resistance toward

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