Essay On Human Trafficking

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We are living in a world where one person has an absolute power over another. The groundless trade of human beings in today’s world shows a deteriorated state of affairs which confirms that the greatest moral challenge facing the globe today is human trafficking. It refers to illegal sale or trade of people for sexual abuse or forced labor through coercion or abducting people.
Our world is facing from many obstacles created by natural and manmade disasters which further results in problems in every country’s economy and social welfare of every person is jeopardized and one of the problems faced by majority of the nations of this world due to economic downfall is human trafficking. It is one of the most atrocious human rights infringements commonly
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This sort of sexual exploitation in the form of human trading, is bring notoriety to its name and a lot of countries consider Pakistan as one of the major trafficker and blame it as a reason for this ghastly crime accompanying other countries and even United States Department of state recently raised a finger at Pakistan for being a base area of this deplorable business.
Poverty is the leading cause of this slavery, and it’s evident that poverty leads to uneducation resulting in increased unemployment giving rise to such trafficking cases in society.
Besides human trafficking is one of those serious crimes which is globally considered as the major cause of a fact that majority of the people carrying HIV/AIDS virus are women. Many women and children are unaware of risks associated when they intentionally opt for selling their bodies. So it is our government’s duty to establish public awareness campaigns on this issue because no nation is unaffected to this crime.
Other than this, the associated dangers of human trafickking are obvious, physical and physcological abuse and pain, mental illness , sexual transmitted diseases and it may lead to
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