Essay On Human Trafficking In Malaysia

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Human trafficking or in another word ‘modern day slavery’ is identified as the world fastest growing crime. Human trafficking is an illegal activity of exploiting human by force for prostitution, slavery and forced labor (Harris, 2015). According to the Trafficking in Person report, Malaysia has been downgraded to Tier 3 by the U.S because of the government does not fully comply with the minimum standard and does not show any effort to curb this illegal activity. Due to the downgraded, the Malaysian government is being advised to make improvement to its effort. Although the effort to combat human trafficking can be costly to the Malaysian government, such a move will be worthwhile for victims and Malaysians.
Nevertheless, the idea of implementing a stricter measures in Malaysia, the failure prevention of human trafficking occurs as a result of a weak enforcement. This can show that the Malaysian government did not give enough effort in combating
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According to Shaheen Anam (executive director of Manusher Jonno Foundation), human trafficking cannot be prevented until the traffickers and their agent caught and be punished. With the stringent penalties in Malaysia Law, it can help to prevent and deter traffickers for future crimes (Bhalla, 2015). For an example, if the traffickers caught involve in dealing with a sex trafficking, they (traffickers) should be also registered as a sex offender. This will be beneficial to the public to warn of the potential danger. Moreover, harsh punishment for the traffickers allowed victims get the legal rights and justice (Pescinski, 2015). Besides the prevention initiative, the help by the government and NGO together will encourage victims to give their best evidence (CPS, 2015) to the prosecutor. Thus, to ensure a fair treatment for both trafficked and exploited

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