Essay On Human Trafficking In The Caribbean

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While law enforcement is rightfully concerned about the alarming murder rate in the Caribbean, as the poor murder detection rates have magnified that issue, there is a crime that if left unchecked, will develop into a major problem in Trinidad and other Caribbean countries. This crime is the wrongdoing of human trafficking, with the majority of victims being women, which is one among numerous violations against women that is often unmentioned, unreported and disregarded. Human trafficking can described as the world’s most shameful crime, which violates and exploits humans, often taking the form of prostitution or forced servitude and according to statistics, has been on the rise in the Caribbean. The rise of the illicit trade of human trafficking has impacted the Caribbean by creating a sense of vulnerability, causing fear and fostering the development of psychological trauma among the Caribbean population. The term tier 2 refers to countries whose governments don’t totally consent to the…show more content…
But when researching an issue like this there is one question that stands out, which is how do persons become victims of human trafficking? The main ways a person can become a victim of human trafficking are by misleading friendships, false job advertisements, family arrangements, abductions and sham lovers. In the list of ways a person can become a victim, none of them would indicate that the eventual victim was engaged in a shady activity resulting in them becoming a victim of human trafficking, which is really alarming for the Caribbean population, as i would appear that seemingly anyone can become a victim of this crime. According to Kidane the only way this issue can be tackled is by understanding what causes trafficking, such as looking at unemployment rates and cost of livng and implementing policy changes. (Kidane, 2011) p.

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