Essay On Human Trafficking In The Middle East

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Laken Adams
16th February 2018
Research Essay
Human Trafficking in The Middle East
Human trafficking is a problem in many countries. However, in the Middle East it has become a huge problem over the past few years. Trafficking in countries throughout the Middle East is not limited to, but includes the use of females as sex slaves, children in war and drug trafficking, organ trafficking, and many forms of forced labor for men, women, and children. This type of labor should not be allowed in any way for any reason. Trafficking in the Middle East should be fought until it can be stopped completely.
Trafficking in the Middle East mostly involves sex slaves and children. Yazidi women and children have been under ISIS control due to widespread kidnapping in their country. Reports state that nearly 150 women and children have been kept in the ISIS headquarters known as the Maqarr. These women have been forced into marriage, raped, and used as sex slaves. Along with being sold,
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For Example, they travel for what they think to be construction jobs. These men are then forced to work hard and long construction jobs along with having to tend to the animals in the middle of the desert. Women are also victims of forced labor. Many of these women travel with hopes of maid or in-house jobs. While they are under the impression that they have nice domestic jobs, many of them are sold into slavery or forced to work in other hard conditions (Smith- Spark web). Children in these countries are also victims to forced labor. Reports have revealed that that a child in Iran can be sold for as little as $150. These children are often sold by their parents because the parents need money Children are subjected to hard labor such as begging, drug trafficking and even organ trafficking. They are also subjected to this labor as young as three years old (“Inside Iran: The industry of child trafficking”
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