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WISDOM & PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL BEING: AN INDIAN PERSPECTIVE Wisdom can be defined as the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. Wisdom has been conceptualized as one of the four cardinal virtues. As a virtue wisdom can be thought of as a habit or disposition as a result of which every action is performed with the highest degree of adequacy in all the circumstances. Simply wisdom involves the application of knowledge possessed through experience and thereafter applying it to a given set of circumstances. Wisdom involves understanding the reasonable course of action while applying your perception, judgment and action as result of the individual’s understanding of people, objects and situations.…show more content…
Self-actualizers are often described as people having feelings of empathy and affection for fellow human beings, as having the capacity to feel and express greater love, identification with others and deeper bonds of friendship. Adult developmental theories also stress the importance of having close union with others (intimacy) as well as attaining the guidance and directions of others (generativity). 3. AUTONOMY: A fully functioning person is charcterised as possessing internal locus of evaluation where a person does not look to others for approval and appraisal but evaluates one’s own self against personal standards. Individuation is a process that drifts from convention and the person no longer is governed by the laws of masses or clinging to collective fears or beliefs. Autonomy gives the person a sense of freedom. 4. Environmental Mastery: Environmental mastery is defined as an individual’s ability to choose or create environmental situations favorable his psychic conditions. It also involves the control and manipulation of complex environment. Environmental mastery emphasizes the ability to progressively advance in the world and change it creatively by means of physical and mental activities. Hence it can be said that active participation in and mastery of environment compose important ingredients of positive psychological

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