Reflection On The Humanitarian Crisis

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The first known war that includes humans is the Kadesh War which happened 1274 BC. Since then almost every year a new war starts. Studies show that since the first human there were only specific 123 known years that had peace between humans. From this information, we can understand that humans are combatant. To gain more power, more money etc. some of us are armed to teeth. Wars never end in a favorable way. It has some major terrible results. We can see tons of people around the avenues that are victims of the humanitarian crisis.

If I need to summarize my thoughts about people who suffered from humanitarian crisis I would frankly state that I didn’t have any ideas of these people until I was eight. My first memory was when my dad
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Most important difference is that I know why they are begging. Also, nobody made their lives miserable. I can briefly understand their feelings and situation. I can easily say that they are pure oppressed people. Refugees are not included with this exception. I might include them if I was living in the 80s or 90s, but for nowadays no. Turkey had many events happened due to refugees. For example, some refugees attacked Turkish residents in Ankara, Keçiören. For these reasons, I do not consider refugees as an exception.

My behavior to them is really simple a lot of times. I ignore them if they are just begging for money. I don’t even make eye contact. You may think that I am cruel but as I stated earlier a little amount of them are trustable and it is ridiculously hard to pick who need help. If they are selling something I may make eye contact actually. I might even start a basic dialogue, but if only they are working to get money, not begging.

In my opinion, helping several of them won’t be a solution to the refugee problem. Maybe helping some of them might fasten the progress, but it won’t be the best and most accurate solution. I believe there are tons of NGOs where they can get help. They got the biggest responsibility. Also, governments should help to find the solutions too! As a single human my help would not exceed a meal of several
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