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Humidifiers are devices which are used to add moisture to an overly dry air. There are two main kinds of humidifiers namely the cool mist and warm mist humidifier. The kind of humidifier you choose depends on your personal and baby's preference.

Types of Humidifiers.

Warm mist humidifiers use a heating coil to boil distilled water that can be sent into the air in a fine spray. Leaving a mobile child alone in a room with a warm mist humidifier may put the baby in danger. The hot coil and hot water may burn your baby if he gets too close or begins playing with it.

Cool mist humidifiers are safer for babies' rooms. These humidifiers simply send a fine mist into the room that is not hot. During hot, dry months, cool mist humidifiers will
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Evaporative humidifiers have a fan to disperse water stored in a filter or wick of some kind and, depending on the make and model, can produce the most mist of any other type of humidifier. If noise is a consideration, ultrasonic humidifiers are usually the quietest during operation.

(6)Auto shout down and humidistat.
No matter which humidifier you choose for your home, make sure that it has adjustable fan speeds and a humidistat that will automatically shut it off when your desired level of humidity is attained. When setting the humidity level, shoot for at least 30 percent humidity in your home, and a setting between 40 and 50 percent is usually ideal. Place your humidifier at least six inches from an inside wall, and if you're trying to humidify most of the house rather than one bedroom, put it centrally on the first floor as the warm moist air will rise to the second floor.

The Importance of humidifiers
Humidity cause damaging effect on the interior structure of a home as mold and mildew can become embedded in the walls and cause the deterioration of painted surfaces and the rotting wood in floors and framing. Placing a humidifier in various areas of the home can prevent these very problematic issues from

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