Essay On Hunger In America

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Hunger in America Hunger is a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by a lack of food. Many use the phrase “I’m hungry” or “I’m starving” to tell how hungry they are. Many would be willing to bet that they have no food in their homes, but when they look at what others have, their minds change. In America, we have many amenities such as running water, and electricity. Third-world countries don’t have these privileges. People in these countries suffer from disease, starvation, poor growth and development rates, and malnutrition (caused by extreme starvation). Many people suffer from hunger, and those in third world countries are affected the most. In a third world country, many people rely on the rivers in their homeland to grow their crops. These crops aren’t always plentiful due to the desert climates in most countries. In Africa, many farmers rely on the yearly Nile flooding to grow their crops. In most South American countries, many people collect water from the rain or creeks, which is not healthy for them to drink causing illness and death. Diseases that many suffer from include: measles, malaria, and pneumonia. The age group most affected are children up to the age of five. In early childhood, good nutrition is crucial to proper organ growth, brain function, development, cognitive, neurological development,…show more content…
Americans seem to take these for granted. The citizens have never lived in a situation as dire as near starvation and do not know the true feelings and strife. On the bright side, there are many ways to help end hunger in America. Many churches and extracurricular clubs have food pantries and food donation days. You can donate foods or volunteer your time and talents to distribute the foods to those in need of it. These activities can help people in your own community. You can even spread the word to get your friends to help. The more people you can get to help, the
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