Hunger In Burundi Essay

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Hunger in Burundi
Hunger is something very traumatizing to see. You don’t know anything about starvation until you see people in Burundi with bloated stomachs and have no meat to their bones, only skin. Even though some people were sent to help, still not enough has been done to aid these people in need. Burundi, located in East Africa, is nothing but trouble right now. Many people, mainly children dying of malnutrition, around 58% of children in Burundi, suffer from malnutrition (Bloemen, 2013). The Civil War in 1993 is the main reason why so many innocent people have nothing to eat in Burundi. Due to this war, a large amount of Burundians, are unable to produce and farm their own food (Pike, 2016). This issue has been ongoing for the past fifteen years. (Frank, 2015) Every day, you have to see at least one person begging for money, or food, and basic human necessities. You’re not the one suffering so you feel like you don’t even need to bother and help someone out, right? People in Burundi have been living in such terrible conditions for
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On the internet,there are tons of food programs that people can donate to, not only to feed an individual, but to feed families and communities. You could be surfing the internet, and you could come across an ad about helping those in need, some of us look at it and say you’ll donate and help, but end up not doing anything at all. If you’re one of those people, and you actually have some money to spare, go ahead and donate, step up. Some people from the armed forces, go over to places, like Burundi, who deal with the issues like poverty and, like in this case, hunger. A program that sounds similar to that is The World Food Program USA. The WFP has been helping people that are facing situations like these since 1968. This program is planning on serving healthy balanced meals at the schools in Burundi so they’ll receive healthier and balanced meals (WFP,

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