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There are a lot of problems in the world like poverty and pollution but hunger seems to be the most severe to me. There are so many different types of people who are famished most of the day just because they are homeless or because of their race. Studies show former foster youth, L.G.B.T. students and students of color are at substantially increased risk. One group of people who are in hunger the most is college students. College alone is so expensive that a lot of students can’t afford to even feed themselves. College students need to be fed with the right foods and nutrients. Imagine being hungry and having tons of homework to do or have to study for a major exam, it would be pretty hard. It would almost feel impossible to get focused and actually complete your homework assignment or finish studying for that test. You also won’t have a lot of energy because you’re body won’t have the right foods to help you maintain that positive energy. So many college students live off Ramen and honestly it’s not very good for you. Of course your freshman year of college you are on a meal plan, but what happens…show more content…
For students who are struggling with this issue that live on campus they will have the opportunity to use their peers meal credits. Once the month is up any student who has unused meal credits can donate them to an organization for students who are struggling with finding a reliable source for food. These struggling students then will be able to use the donated meal credits to eat whichever food they have on campus. A solution for students who don’t live on campus is to have food pantries. Which are where people donate food or organizations get food and put them in boxes for students to have for free. This would happen on a certain day of the week and will be easy for these struggling student to

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