Antelopes Advantages

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Hunting antelopes benefits the world.
There are many kinds of hunting in the world, and in every hunt there are different kinds of animals. However, the antelopes are one of the main animals for hunter and it is the victim in the world. As we know in this world have something name life laws, so antelopes are the same of life laws. For example, the biggest creature 's predatory smallest creatures like antelopes and lions. Also in this essay I will discuss the beneficial of hunting antelopes in the general method. In addition, I will talk about three main points of beneficial of hunting antelopes in the world. Like benefits for creatures, world and human.
There are many causes can hunters hunt antelopes and benefits of hunting antelopes in the
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The manures for any kind of animals are very important for plants, but the antelope 's manures are more benefits for plants. Because it has more Oxygen than other animal 's manures. "Thousands of years ago, the ancient organic farmers use animal manures as a mandatory and essential agent for soil conditioning and plant fertilization such as antelopes" (Max, 2009).
The benefits of hunting antelopes for the world. Firstly, the meat of antelopes has more benefits than any type of meats. Because antelope 's meats have less fat than beef, also less than goat 's meats. If some people want to do a diet, they can eat antelope 's meat, it has Calories less than other meat. According to AlHmoody(2009), "Venison may be eaten as steaks, tenderloins, roasts, sausages, jerky and minced meat. Venison has less fat than similar cuts of beef".
Secondly, the antelope 's blood has good medical for sick people who suffering from the high temperature, so they can get antelope 's blood powder then put it in the tea or other drinks. "Gazelles blood can use it for many things such as; change your hair from black to red and for woman skin also for some type of diseases" (AlKaabi,
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They grabbing horns for equipment like a knife. Such as figure one in my appendix, which illustrate some human get antelope 's horns for a knife. Also, they pick off the pelts from antelopes for clothes, and they use pelts for home decoration like a carpet for the guests room.
In conclusion, I would like to say that the antelopes are part of our world, life and environment. The antelopes important for anyone in the world, as I said the antelopes have a lot of benefits like medicals, decoration, equipment and so own. So in my opinion in every country can put legal for hunting antelopes for personal benefits and special in these country which have more population of antelopes, they should kill it for two reasons for decrease population and for their
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