Essay On Hunting In Oklahoma

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Hunting in Oklahoma is more than a pastime. There are so many reasons to hunt and different seasons to hunt in. Due to state regulations, the animals hunted and ways of hunting are limited. If you are a resident in Oklahoma, you need a hunting license to be able to hunt in Oklahoma. There are many different types of hunting licenses that meet this requirement. If you are a nonresident, their are still hunting licenses for people to hunt in Oklahoma. Once you get a license and ready to take on into the woods, you need to think about what you need to hunt. Camouflage is the starting of becoming a hunter, being covered in with the woods and leaves helps you stay unnoticeable for the game you're hunting. Next, you'll need a gun or bow depending…show more content…
It's good for the species, if animals aren’t hunted they’ll die of starvation or disease when that food could have been used for meat on the table. It saves money by allowing you to harvest a animal and get about fifty pounds of meat, then buying that meat at the store. It’s also good for your family, hunting teaches the children, one of the greatest life lessons you can teach. There are a few better ways to spend quality time with your family than to take them away from their computer or tv and show them where their food comes from. Hunting is a sport, it challenges your brain and helps you vision when looking for movement. Hunting is a fun and enjoy the sport, it allows you to watch how wildlife works in mother nature. Most people hunt for the fun, to wake up early drink some coffee and go to your stand and look at God's’ beautiful earth. I have a lot of memories hunting and i've learned a lot of how to hunt and what to use from mistakes in the past. My most favorite memory was when it was a runt season in the middle of November, and a little buck ran into my stand chasing a doe. When wanting to hunt, there are lots of requirements and restrictions to go by. Hunting requires patience, by sitting in a position for so long waiting for that animal you’re waiting for to come
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