Most Popular Things To Hunt Essay

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There are many animals that were hunted and they were hunted a long time ago. It has been about 200 million years since hunting was started. The most popular thing to hunt was wildebeest and antelopes. They went in the mountains and in the thick forest to hunt. They also used bows and mussaloter. Elk is the most popular in the United States. Nowadays in Iowa deer are the most popular. People put on mud to cover there sent and then they would be camouflaged too. 100 million animals are hunted because there are so many animals. There are many states to hunt in. the most popular state to hunt in is Texas. In Texas, they have lots of woods to hunt in. There are also some big bucks in Texas. The second best state to hunt in is Kentucky. They have good weather for hunting and good spots to hunt. People usually hunt deer, elk or bear. There are 2 types of hunting. The 2 types of hunting are small game and big game. Small game and big game are really popular around Iowa. People like small game because they can shoot rabbits and squirrels. Usually, people will use a 22 rifle for small game hunting. Big game is the most sport popular in the world. Big game in deer, elk, and bear. People use 12 or 20 gages for big game for though use bows or crossbows to hunt. There has been big deer shot all over the world.…show more content…
There are many guns that people use to go deer hunting. 12 gage is the most common gun to hunt with. A 20 gage is usually used for a youth hunter. For youth season, only 1 deer can get shot. Second and first season are the same with only 2 deer per person. First season is the most popular for hunting. Usually, there is an estimate of 140 to 150 thousand deer shot in the United States. 600 thousand hunters are estimated to go hunting. For bow season you can shoot 2 deer, but one has to be a buck and the other is a doe. Some guns that people use are mussaloter, crossbow, compound bow, 4-10, and a 10-22 lever
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