Essay On Hurricane And Hurricanes

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Natural disasters threaten the existence of species and the environment .A natural disaster is a force of nature that mankind can not control.Natural disasters include floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, tsunamis,earthquakes,and droughts.Between a hurricane and tornado the natural disaster that holds more danger is the hurricane because of its effects to the damage of property,environment,and death toll. Hurricanes are one of the many natural disasters that occur on earth.According to a national geographic article hurricanes are,”giant,swirling tropical storms that can pack wind speeds over 160 miles an hour and unleash more than 2.4 trillion gallons of rain a day.”Hurricanes have a lot of precipitation which means that…show more content…
Hurricanes cause more damage than tornadoes.Hurricanes are more dangerous than tornadoes because they are bigger and can last for several days before the destruction ends.Hurricanes can rip down houses and big companies they also cause more injuries to people than tornadoes.Many business will suffer if they do not have a good base structure[besides people will usually build their buildings with glass]When a hurricane occurs there is a lot of precipitation which can cause flooding through cities therefore power lines can also be damaged because of the massive amounts of flowing water.Hurricanes affect more larger areas than tornadoes,causing more damage.Even though a tornado is much more faster in terms of speed you can still be warned before the tornado happens.A hurricane can also be used to warn people before it happens but sometimes it is an unexpected event.Hurricanes can also affect thousand of square miles over a few days.Storm surges follow hurricanes because of the intensity that it puts on the atmosphere.People can drown from the water that fills up the streets.Fishing companies are always in danger because even a minor storm surge it can cause many fisherman to lose their job because of the damages on their boats and fishing equipment.Hurricanes are much more destructive than
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