Essay On Hurricane Category 1

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The best way to prepare for a category 5 hurricane is by planning what you will do and trying to be greatly prepared. If you have no idea how to get inclined in the best way follow these guidelines. A hurricane may come as a category 5 or go down to a category 1. No matter how awful a hurricane comes at its best to always be prepared.

To begin with for any hurricane it is best to buy plenty of supplies to eat during the hurricane. According to Accuweather, “The best kind of food that can be bought is canned food,chips,ramen noodles,bread, water, and etc.” (Lewis,Alexa par.2).when buying food make sure to get things that one might need like flashlights, first aid kits gas, generators, batteries for flashlights, etc. It is best to buy as much supplies as possible just to be extra qualified. All of those supplies are very
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According to Ready.Gov, “When you plan to evacuate you must discus with all family members so they all know why they must evacuate”(PAR.5). While considering where you could evacuate to consider going to a shelter. If you have pets in your home must go to a shelter where pets are allowed. You must go register right away. Going out of state is also a good idea, but there might be a whole bunch of traffic and you might not be able to evacuate in time. All of these guidelines written to make sure that you and your family are safe.

In conclusion the best way to surely be prepped for a hurricane. There are a portion of many different ways to be fit for a category 5 hurricane. These are only three types of ways, but they are also the first few things that you could do when a hurricane comes your way. Do not hesitate to follow these guidelines because you never know when a hurricane might put you and your family in danger. Also, do not wait till the last minute to do all of this because then you actually might not be prepared at
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