Essay On Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma
Hurricanes appear and throw our world into chaos; over the years, hurricanes have caused extreme destruction all over the globe. In September, Hurricane Irma struck and removed everything in its path. Although the amount of destruction caused was devastating, precautions were taken to help save lives and avoid as much damage as possible. Hurricane Irma escalated quickly, yet humans still remain unsure on how to stop these storms from occurring. Irma originally was a tropical wave that was located off the coast of Africa. On August 30th, Irma strengthened and became a tropical storm (The Weather Channel). The next day, Irma climbed the charts becoming classified as a hurricane reaching category three, as seen below in the diagram.
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The devastation of hurricane Irma was wide-spread and will take years to fully recover from. The total damage Hurricane Irma caused is calculated to be around $100 billion. The damage ranged from destruction of houses and building to 6.8 million people being without electricity (O’Hara, Kristy). The storm caused 38 casualties in the Caribbean and 34 in Florida. Irma flooded the entire area, leaving some places with hip-high water; buildings were lost, and caused destruction to anything that stood in the way. Now all that is left is the pieces and items that once created the beautiful cities.

Is it possible to prevent this destruction caused by Irma? With how strong the winds were and how long they managed to stay powerful, the prevention of Irma was slim. Some simple actions can be taken to help minimize the amount of destruction, yet complete prevention remains unachievable. In the Keys, the winds reached 130 miles per hour and the intense seas destroyed everything in its path (The Weather Channel). Key West is a tourist area with small buildings scattered everywhere; the amount of wind and rain managed to destroy nearly 1,200 buildings and the remaining buildings were left in rough conditions (Atkins, Katie). With the strength of Irma, as seen below, the prevention of the occurrence could not be
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