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Hurricane don’t normally hit the Northeast coast and that is why the hurricane of 1938 was a big surprise and not a good one. Just imagine it 's a beautiful day outside and you have plans to go to the beach with your friends or just play outside and then a disastrous hurricane hits. The people that live there have never seen a hurricane and were definitely not prepared for this one.There was weather conditions,impacts,and many other conditions that people weren 't ready for. One thing they didn 't expect was the destructive weather conditions that the hurricane brang. What was even worse was it had rained for 4 days in a row even before the hurricane had hit. Since it had rained the ground was full of water so it wouldn 't help at all with…show more content…
Last all the other conditions that happened during the hurricane. Before the hurricane hit a junior forecaster predicted “the exact” course that the hurricane was going. The junior forecaster was ignored by the other forecasters because they said it was going to go to sea and so they didn 't put out any warning. When the hurricane started some people were panicking because they didn 't know what was happening, but other people were just like it will pass and weren 't that worried because they didn 't get a warning. This caused a lot of people that were panicking to get out to leave people behind like maids and some family members because they didn 't have enough room in the car. There is a time during a hurricane when everything is quiet and it seems like it had calmed down or stopped. Everyone went outside and though it was over but what they didn 't know was that when that time comes the hurricane will come back and it will come back even stronger. So the hurricane of 1938 was definitely very destructive and very sad for people many people died and many thing and building were destroyed. Some people still think if people knew about hurricanes of if they were warned that it was going to hit them that they would be more prepared. Yes they would still have many damaging weather conditions, other conditions and lots of impacts but maybe there wouldn 't be

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