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Hurricane Sandy Nearly 300 lives were taken when Hurricane Sandy hit the Caribbean and the East Coast of the United States. It lasted around 2 weeks wiping out houses, businesses, and much more. The hurricane happened in 2012. It started on October 22nd and ended November 1st. Hurricane Sandy was so destructive, it caused 75 billion dollars in damage. Hurricane Sandy had a top wind speed of 115 miles per hour. With winds this strong, destruction is bound to happen. Roughly 1,000,000 houses and businesses were damaged or destroyed. “In New York, 305,000 housing units were damaged or destroyed and more than 265,000 businesses affected” (Superstorm). Trees, bushes, and other plants were uprooted and scattered on the streets and in people’s…show more content…
It had 1500 less deaths than Hurricane Katrina and 70 billion dollars less destruction. It wasn’t nearly as strong as Katrina, but it sure left and impact in every affected area. Although Sandy was a much smaller hurricane, it left 7 million more people without power! Almost 8 times the amount Katrina had. Sandy and Katrina both exceeded 10 inches of rain (Kaleem). Flooding is a major issue when dealing with hurricanes. Sandy left 12 inches of rain on the streets. Cars, trucks, and busses weren’t able to get to their destinations. Roads were closed leaving vehicles stranded and people stuck at home. The sewer systems were flooded meaning no water could be cleared from the streets. Oceans, lakes, and rivers poured into the land causing even more flooding. Because of all the water, it left houses and many buildings permanently damaged. In result of the flooding, 15,000 flights were canceled as well as transport via subway (Sharp). In conclusion, Hurricane Sandy had many effects on in the Caribbean and the East Coast of the United States. Because of the damage, thousands of people and families were without homes, cars, and power. Businesses were destroyed leaving many people without jobs as well. Although Sandy wasn’t the worst hurricane ever recorded, it was still a tragic

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