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hypermasculine views on society

Hypermasculinity, defined, is the physiological term for the exaggeration of male stereotypical behaviours, such as an emphasis on physical strength, exaggeration and sexuality. To put a long story short, Hypermasculinity is the idea that men have to appeal to the ideal standards of a man in society. ‘men don’t cry’ ‘man up’ ‘stop acting like such a girl’ these derogatory terms are just examples of the hypermasculinity man putting shame to other men, why shouldn’t men be able to express themselves other than using violence. It is more likely that a boy would use violence to express their pain than to cry because of the stigmatism of weakness behind the idea of crying. It is something that every boy is
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From the day I started year 4 I have seen this exaggerated behaviour, from some it was just natural, though others it was concentrated, forced from every brain cell to express their masculinity. Does these ideal influence men to actively seek sex more than compassion? Maybe, maybe not. This exaggeration protects their vulnerability that they want to conceal from the world, toughness is seen as self-control, pain is seen as a second thought. Why is this the way that men are taught to express…show more content…
It was a horrifying picture of sadness and seemed to be something again which not often ever discussed. Hypermasculinity teaches the modern man to hide these bruises as they would look weak and vulnerable and subservient. Most like-minded people like you and me see that men talking about domestic abuse is courageous and honourable and strong. However, in some different cultures around the world men have to live with domestic abuse everyday because its all they ever

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