Essay On Reactive Hypoglycemia

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Reactive hypoglycemia is low blood sugar that occurs after eating during the day and makes the people crave for sugar, chocolate, sweets or snacks.

After eating carbohydrate foods with a high glycemic index, first, the blood sugar increases quickly, and your body secretes insulin hormone. Since the insulin, after two hours, drops your blood sugar lower than the normal rate, following symptoms are observed together with fatigue; carving for food, trembling, sweating, starving, etc. This is called as reactive hypoglycemia. When a person eats sweets, blood sugar rises again. However, after two hours, because of the increased insulin level, the blood sugar drops again. This condition continues like a vicious circle and the person starts quickly to gain weight.
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Yes, hypoglycemia (low sugar) is a disease that has a considerable impact on quality of life of the patient. It affects negatively human relations. It ruins your business performance. It may be easily resolved by following a nutrition program consisting of six meals to eat frequently and high-fiber foods. It would be beneficial to consume regular meals in the morning, noon and evening and snacks such as sandwiches made with whole-wheat bread between meals and drink one glass of milk or eating whole-bread biscuits before going to sleep.

*Can eating fruits after meal lower the sugar? It may lower. Fruit contain fructose. This may initiate reactive hypoglycemia. Hence, we recommend the foods containing fiber such as wholemeal bread, biscuits, rather than fruits. It is necessary to consume a powerful snack in the afternoon so that the person does not starve and eat something sweet. In the treatment of hypoglycemia, the timing of food is very important, rather than the condition of feeling hunger. If the person is hungry, it is hard to control. Hence, even if the person is not hungry, it is necessary to eat the
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