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I am grateful to live in Laie. Laie is a special place because I can educate myself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. There are the Polynesian cultural center which taught me how to give service to customers, the BYUH which provides me the efficient learning environment, and the Laie temple which gives me spiritual experiences. People sometime say that there is nothing in Laie because it is not city, but Laie has everything I need to succeed. I am grateful for this special place which has been dedicated for the Saints. I love living here. I am grateful for church. I go to church every Sunday, and every time I go to church, I feel close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Going to church reminds me of my potential and God’s love for His children including myself. I have had many spiritual…show more content…
They have loved me, showed and taught me what is right. They provided me everything that I needed to grow and increase my abilities. I am grateful that they always respected my choice at the same time they gave me wise councils. I know they are the people I can always turn to. I am grateful for their love for each other and for me. I am grateful for the scriptures. They keep me safe and remind me important things especially greatness of God and nothingness of mine. The scriptures help me to remember that everything I have is given by God. It is easy for me to get prideful, but reading scriptures help me to be humble. When I am humble, I feel close to the Savior. Scriptures give me great hope and faith. I am grateful for mountains. I believe that all things are created by the hands of Heavenly Father to testify of His existence. I remember an experience I had to feel God’s love when I was teenager through mountains. I was feeling lonely after moving and separating from friends, but looking at mountains near my home gave me great comfort. Mountains remind me the greatness of God. I feel happy and grateful whenever I see

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