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H.L Mencken uses contemporary society to explain that “the average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe”. I feel the average person should be both free and safe. After thinking about the question nobody is able to be safe unless they are able to have the freedom that is needed. Some countries are not safe because they don’t have the freedom that is needed to keep themselves plus their families safe. As in Mexico, people are wanting the freedom to be able to come to America. Some people may think that everyone is safe but really not because of everything as in selling drugs on the streets right in front of children. Family’s would love to be able to come over to America but they are not able to because of the one big word everyone loves to here is…show more content…
Without being able to have freedom, nobody is safe not even the other people who live in other countries that may know each other. In order for a person to be free they are going to have to have some type of safety. Without being free there is no way for the average person to be safe with the type of conditions that someone has to be safe from everything. As in Mexico they are scared that they are not going to have the freedom because it’s starting to come down to people imagining things versus reality, but they know that they are going to be safe in Mexico, but they just want to be able to have freedom plus being able to be safe. In this article 's Mexico: Image vs Reality, this 16-year-old named Luis Enrique Serrato Perez would love to be able to become a math teacher, but is faced with a big problem. His family doesn’t have enough money for him to be able to go to college to follow his dream. Luis

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