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The issue that I had been chosen for doing this project is the ICT in Education in Malaysia. As we know that, the ICT method had been gradually becoming common in today’s education system in Malaysia. It had brought many advantages for the education today and also it had brought a great benefit for the English Language.

From the Graphic organizer, we can see that the ICT in education had brought some impact to the education system. For instance, in the graphic organizer, we can find out that the ICT can train the students on various types of technology skills. These technology skills are essential for the students for their future use. For example, the students can learn to make the presentation by using the Microsoft
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For example, the teacher can incorporate the learning through playing method in the teaching in the classroom. When I am teaching the English language in the classroom, it is one of the best ways that I commonly used in the classroom. Some competition can be incorporated in the learning through playing method. The game that used for this teaching method can be easily obtained online. For example, from the websites, we can see some games that can be used in the classroom for the students to learn the English language. The image of the website is as shown below. As a conclusion, the use of ICT in the education in Malaysia can help the students to boost their performance in the school and also help them to learn the technology skill that they cannot learn in the traditional classroom. Although there are some challenges in the integration of ICT in the education, but these challenges can be easily overcome with the cooperation of all of the parties that involved. Therefore, I hope that the ICT can be successfully integrated in the education in Malaysia so that our country can gradually be improved and have a new generation which is more
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