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Malaysia, as a developing country, is facing the problem of uneven accessibility to Information and Communication Technology (ICT). According to Ramasamy (2004), 93 percent of the Internet subscribers in Malaysia were from urban areas. It is one of the evidences that explains the geographical divide which exists due to the lack of ICT or other digital technology in Malaysia. Some recommendations are advised to bridge the geographical divide in order to minimise the lack of ICT in Malaysia. Providing hard and soft infostructure to needed community will enhance its accessibility to ICT. The government’s policies will contribute to reducing the lack of ICT in order to well-develop the country.
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For example, the government may provide some subsidies to the telecommunication industry to maintain a lower price rate. Therefore, it will minimise the pricing difference between the urban and rural area. The rural population may have more chances to use the Internet until they have same using rate compared to the urban population. It is because a lower Internet access rate will attract more people from this population to use Internet. Moreover, the government can take a consideration to introduce a policy that encourage the member from the private sectors in providing ICT access to the mass population through incentives and specific programs. For instance, the openings of more cyber cafés of private facilities are advised to let the public can get access to ICT in more economical way. The rural population will be willing to have an Internet service at public places as it is more affordable than buying personal computer and individual service in telecommunication industry. In other developing countries such as China and Indonesia, there are also having same situation that more of the mass populations are using the Internet at cyber

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