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In the world, there are many individuals who are truly nefarious. They continuously contribute to the darkness present in modern society by exploiting the hamartia of good people and by enacting chaos wherever possible. By psychologically toying with others, these people are able to get what they want and unravel an entire community by exploiting on one small flaw. Consequently, even the smallest evil deed has an immense impact on the balance and peace within a group through a ripple effect of growing darkness. Much like these individuals, Iago, from William Shakespeare’s, Othello, is truly diabolical. Throughout the play, he commits atrocious acts towards Cassio and Roderigo. Withal, by getting Cassio drunk and stabbing him as well as using Roderigo as a purse and murdering him, Iago exemplifies his contemptible nature and his twisted character.
Furthermore, Iago is also truly immoral because of his acts towards Cassio. Iago commits atrocious acts to Cassio in order to attain revenge for not being named lieutenant instead of Cassio. Iago’s first act of malice towards Cassio is inebriating him, knowing bad things happen when he is intoxicated. Iago machinates for a way to get Cassio caught drunk by someone of importance in order to get him demoted. Iago reveals his plan when Cassio and the others step out to get a drink in saying, “If I can fasten
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By getting Cassio intoxicated and stabbing him in addition to using Roderigo as a personal bank and killing him, Iago highlights his foul and twisted persona. Had it not been for Iago’s malice, there would never have been so much innocent bloodshed and death. With an evil such as Iago, no one is safe from being manipulated into their own demise. With no concrete defense against individuals like this, it is important for individuals to be wary of their weaknesses as they may be used against them without their

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