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1. What sticks in your mind about a reading or an online session? Why? What was comfortable, known? What was not? I found the Ice Breaker activity to be one of those things that always seem to stick out in my mind whenever I take a class and this class was no different. While I find this activity to be very helpful to get to know whom I am taking the class in the face-to-face classes I have taken. I found this to be especially true for this my first online class. I find it gives you the opportunity to learn about whom you will be working in a broad open forum. The reason I find them very interesting is that usually you can tell a lot about someone right off the bat. It is not only what they say, but also how much they say that interests…show more content…
What questions have emerged for you from a reading or a post? While I do not have a specific question from the readings or posts. I am starting to see holes in myself as an educator that I need to start adjusting in order to really become effective. Therefore, you could ask the question “Jim what are your lessons really effective for all of your students?” One reason I would ask this is that as I read over the table 3.4 on the different learning styles, while I have learned these before and guess for whatever reason I did not really take into account how they need to be incorporated into my lessons. 5. Do you link course work or reading to other learning, you've done? How? As a concrete learner, I find I am constantly connecting my course work to the other learnings that I have done or experiences I have had. As someone who needs to be hands on. I find by relating a topic to a situation or something I have learned before enables me to gain a better understanding of what is being talked about. I find as I read information my mind wanders as I am constantly thinking in my head of situations that have occurred in order to help be really grasp the topic. One of the problems I run into is that at times I have to go back and reread sections because I am still thinking about what I just read in a previous section or

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