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In today's diet, there is import that over utilization of fats leads to increased propagations of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and coronary heart disease. Consequently, there is a requirement to produce reduced fat products with acceptable sensory properties that match with full-fat counterparts for consumers [1].Ice cream is favorite of millions because it is a delicious, nutri-tious, healthy and relatively inexpensive food item. There is no other food with this amount of nutritional value as much as ice cream that become attrac-tive, interesting and favorite for people [2].The protein content of ice cream has an excellent biological value because it contains all the necessary amino acids. Specific objective groups such as children, teenagers, and elderlies can get their required protein from ice cream [3]. Part of the ice cream that is being presented today is labeled as low-fat, reduced-fat, light and nonfat ice cream [4].…show more content…
One of the important functions of fat in ice cream is the development of softness, mouth coating and the proper properties of melting. Fat is a good carrier, synergistic aroma and flavor of ice cream [3].
In the production of low and nonfat ice cream, mimetic fats and hydrocolloids are generally used as a fat substance [6].Fat replacers should provide three im-portant and critical functions: added solids, as well as mouth feel and control water in the food production [7].
Proteins are one of the fat mimetic compounds [8] and have amphiphilic prop-erties hence are known as surfactant and play an important role in stabilizing food formulation (foam, emulsion and

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