How To Build An Ice Cube Essay

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Have you ever gone to a cooler and inside it was cold? Have you ever wondered why? Well, Mrs. Houghton, my 6th grade teacher asked us the same questions and wanted us to figure it out. So, she gave us an assignment that would help us learn why this happens. The assignment was that we had to build a container to keep an ice cube cold for as long as possible. I went to the assignment and started to do research and build it. In this essay, you will learn first about what I did to make it and where I went to learn stuff. The second thing you will learn will is what happens during when we did it. The next thing you will learn is how my container and ice cube was affected by the three heat transfers. The last thing you will learn is what I can change to make it better next time. The first thing that you will learn from me, besides learning about the challenge, is what I did to make my box and where I did my research. What I did with my box is my dad found two…show more content…
So what we did was they took us into a room down in the fourth grade hall to one of the hottest rooms in our school. We all had our boxes in there and we were sitting on the floor. They talked a little and told us that we were going to get handed an ice cube and that we should put it in our container and put it somewhere in the room. I later got handed an ice cube and I was the fourth person to put it in. I know this because I was one of the first ones called to get an ice cube. I went over to a dark, cold corner to put my ice cube in because in a corner there might not be as much air flow so that heat can come in. I tried to find a low place because hot air and heat rises and when air gets cold it sinks lower than the hot air does. Then after everyone put there boxes down, we went back to our classes and waited. When my box was in the room, the three heat transfers were trying to get inside my
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