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Planned city can be simply defined as a piece of land that is carefully designed in terms of its physical arrangements by public authority in order to promote their efficient and equitable functioning as economic and social units and also to build a comfortable and pleasing surrounding for the residents (Sutcliffe, 1981). The definition above automatically indicates that these cities are built based on a guided design thus making it very contrast with cities that evolves through a natural, ad hoc expansion and progress. Political ideology can be one of the elements that aids in laying out how a city will look and operates in the future. Cities, like Chandigarh in India and few capital cities in China during the imperial period; Chang’An during…show more content…
Unlike all the other state and cities that are predetermined during the formation process of Malaysia, Putrajaya is rather a later project or can be said as a new modern city for Malaysia. The idea was proposed by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, who is Tun Dr. Mahathir in 1990 and the development process begun in 1995. It was built on an empty land that was a former rubber and oil plantation area during the colonial era. This new city is basically intended to be a symbol for a new developing Malaysia. The name itself reflects the goal of the development of Putrajaya, which is to set a standard as a ‘model city’ for the new emerging cities across Southeast Asia and may probably act as a template for the new cities to be emulated by them (Putrajaya Holdings, Bridges of Putrajaya, 2003). According to the Perbadanan Putrajaya official website, the word ‘Putra’ is derived from the name of Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, which means ‘son’ or ‘prince’ while the word ‘jaya’ on the other hand means ‘victory’ or

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