Essay On Idealism And Realism

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Title: - Idealism vs. Realism Name:- Lokesh Singh Roll no.:- 13110054 Word Count:- Idealism vs. Realism We live in the universe. We still not know much about it. It has many secret. So, for understanding this world many philosophers tried to reveal some of the secret of it. in this approach some theories has been developed over the time. Theories are like idealism, realism, empiricism, materialism, atheism etc. these all theories are correct. We cannot say this theory is wrong and that theory is wrong, because all theories describes some aspect of life. This comes from the experience of life. We continuously learning about the world in our whole life. Learning cannot be stopped. Our knowledge goes on increasing throughout in the life. So some…show more content…
A glass of water which is half filled with the water is putted in front of two persons. One is idealist and other one is realist. So what they will say it is half filled of half empty? The normal answer of it was the idealist one will say that the glass is half filled and realist will say this is half empty. So why this difference in opinion of the idealist and realist. This concept is lies behind the perception of man. How a man is perceiving things. All the perceptions are true. No one is false. But we know that idealists tends to be more positive and relist describes the actual thing. So the perception of the things may be different but all the approaches are true. There are another example which is famous relating idealism and realism. The example states that there are one person sited in an aeroplane and he knows that the plane is going to crash after 10 seconds. He is idealist. He has his parachute and he can jump from the plane. He has two choices the forst one is he will fasten the parachute and jump. And other one is he will think ideally and will not consider the physical reality and fall to death. So we all know if he wants to be alive he should fasten the parachute and jump from the plane and he should consider the physical reality. So his approach will
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