Essay On Identity Theft

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ABSTRACT In this world, there are many people amongst us who are not able to figure it out and realize as how these smart criminals and hackers are able to our their personal data and important information. These criminals and hackers do not need to break into our homes to do such. A very good example could be in the public places where criminals and the hackers would engage themselves in “shoulder surfing “ (the act of spying , using direct observations techniques, such as looking over someone’s shoulder to get information , such as getting passwords, PIN numbers for ATM cards) In this 21st century, this identity theft crime has become so popular. This act of crime has also reached to a professional level, whereby even some hackers are hired on behalf to do a particular crime. Almost every day we hear or read a case about stolen identities. Obtaining and using someone’s personal information for your own benefit, is called Identity theft. These identity thefts could be in the form of illegally obtaining someone’s insurance policies, personal bank account numbers, personal credit card numbers, or any form of a nation’s social security numbers. In my research paper, I am going to explain in detail what identity theft is all about. Based on the topic identity theft, I would provide a review of a few journal articles which I came across in regarding…show more content…
Financial identity theft can mean two things. First, the victim’s bank accounts and credit cards are accessed and used illegally. The person who has stolen your identity can withdraw money or make a maximum use of your credit card. Second, the victim’s identity is being used to take on a huge amount of loans as well as getting a new credit card. The effect of this type of theft on the victim, for suppose a young graduate credit report, can be devastating and difficult to remedy, which would certainly affect the victims
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