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Definition of Ideology:

Definition the term „Ideology” and “War”:

Ideology is „All political movements, interest groups, parties, as well as concepts of the imminent sum all individual goals.“

The hamburger Worker union for War origin research (AKUF) defines:

“[…] War as an aggressive mass conflict that satisfies all of the following criteria:

(a) The fighting is between two or more armed parties, in which at least one of the parties has to be a regular military force (Military, paramilitary Groups, Polize units) of the region;

(b) On both sides there has to be a minimum scale of organised zentral control oft he warring parties, even when this is not more than organised and armed defense or planed guerilla strikes (Guerillaoperations, Partisan wars usw.);

(c) The weaponised operations occur with a certain continuity and not as occasional, spontanious clashes, d.h. both sides operate following a planed strategy, not concerned with the number of societies damaged through this.“ (Schreiber 2010: 54).

Thus the Kaschmir-Konflikt can
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The patriarchal society in Kashmir has evolved through the war to the detriment of women, because by the danger of rape by Indian military or terrorist groups are women, more than ever dependent on male protection. For the dishonor by a rape affects not only the woman, but the whole family in the patriarchal world view.
Rapes and other human rights violations by the Indian military is the most serious consequences of Indian military presence. Around 8,000 people have "disappeared" in the course of military operations in the last 20 years. In addition, the Indian military has the legal right "to shoot to kill" and will not be held accountable for his actions to account. This repressive apparatus does not work to convince the population of the Kashmir Valley from the advantage of the legality of Indian rule, but proves to be disastrous for all

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