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WhatsApp and Igbo Language Speakers in South-Western Nigerian Universities
The purpose of this project is to investigate the impact of the new media,especially WhatsApp on the use of Igbo Language. For the purpose of this research, it will be vital to look into the genealogy of universal language endangerment through the definition and how language is acquired and then lost. There are many theories about the origin of human languages and how many languages emerged on the face of the earth. According to Christian mythology, after the flood, those who survived spoke one language. They decided to build a tower of Babel that would touch heaven. God was not pleased with that. As a mark of punishment, he confounded their speech, they could not understand one another, and He scattered them all over the world (Genesis 11, 1-9).Also, according to a Bantu myth, in the beginning, the people of the world spoke a single language, but madness struck the land during a severe famine causing people to wander in all directions, chattering strange languages. That was how man began to speak the diverse tongues (Jordan, nd).
A specific definition of language has not been possible because it is confusing and
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In Iboland, the reverse seems to be the case. They preach and speak the English Language to their congregations. They see the language as retrogressive, and some of them go to the extent of changing and adopting strange names. Kelechi Ubaku&Ugwuaja(2016), aver that Pentecostal Churches see the language as anti-Christian and not dynamic because it breeds ethnicity and bias. They also encourage the Igbo people to detach themselves from any cultural affiliation that would promote the language.Only the traditional churches still use the Igbo Language to preach the

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