Essay On Illegal Immigrants

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America is a land of immigration (legal and illegal). Legal immigrants undergo a compulsory medical screening before entering the country, but illegal immigrants are not. Therefore, they may enter in the country with infectious or chronic diseases. Because they are illegal immigrants, they do not benefit to medical treatment like U.S. citizens or legal immigrants (Angel and Angel, 2006). Linguistic and Cultural Barriers Immigrants both legal and illegal face very often language linguistic and cultural barriers. These two barriers make them experience hardships to see a healthcare provider or to explain their medical issues (Angel and Angel, 2006). How might these factors be overcome? Discrimination is no longer institutional in the U.S. like in the past decades. Therefore, racial and social disparities that create health disparities have diminished. However, there is still a long way to resolving definitively these issues because of prejudices, ongoing social discriminations. Since low-wage salary and poverty are the roots of the problems, the federal and States government should keep helping and encouraging minorities to have higher education. The latter will increase their chance to have good jobs, good dwellings and afford a health insurance. For those unemployed, they should be protected by a social health insurance such as Obamacare. This revolutionary reform is about to be repealed. Hopefully, a more effective plan will replace it.…show more content…
The latter ease their medical care and assistance. Health policies should always consider social structures and cultural diversity. Healthcare professionals should be trained to understand the social structures and cultural diversity of patients and related problems. That is why Campbell (2005) proposed multilevel nursing research model for health disparity
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